Slyde Envy Wedge Handboard for bodysurfing with GoPro Attachment

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THE SLYDE ENVY. The Handboard for bodysurfers, make your friends green with envy. Exceptionally tough and built to last using our patented, technically advanced manufacturing process, the Slyde Envy's lightweight and incredible buoyancy will get you far higher out  the water which reducing drag allowing for  more control, speed and way longer rides than any other handboard on the market, no matter your experience.



    • Materials:  Epoxy, urethane, fiberglass and 2mm TPU Flak Jacket high tensile laminate
    • Weight :  650gm / 22oz with strap
    • Dimensions:  19.8in / 50.2cm X  10.1in / 26.7cm
    • Overall:  Tight rails with a deep single concave and double swallow tail with wings/ nubs for wave face grip
    • Wave Size:  Designed for 1-5 ft. Handles well in most wave types
    • Skill Level: The wedge shape is another great all round wave board pick the right conditions you feel most comfortable in and she will do the rest
  • Features

    • High tensile TPU laminate for strength, less weight and more "awesomeness".
    • Built on the patented Slyde Wedge Shape, 2 years of development for the perfect all wave handboard with no splash back
    • High-density Urethane Foam core for a perfect combination of lightness and strength.
    • Slyde patent pending Embedded "never come out" screw strap inserts.
    • Extra safe GoPro mount insert comes standard, for endless selfies.
    • Inserted leash plug, never lose your board again.