Top Tips to Stay Warm in The Surf this Winter

Top Tips to Stay Warm in The Surf this Winter

It is that time of year in New Zealand when the water temperature reaches some of it's lowest Temps! But you are determined to be part of the winter warrior team that surfs all year round! Despite that feeling of "brain freeze" when your head goes under, you continue to push through because the cold brings some of the best swells on the coast.

Want to know the best tips to stay as warm as possible during the winter? here's how:

Seal Yourself in

A good fitting, thick and sealed wetsuit is going to provide the best barrier against the cold. Seal yourself in with tight fitting booties and a hood. Make sure your wetsuit is free from holes or perferations as these will let that icy cold inside. Wetsuit technology gets better every year, try to replace your wetsuit every second year if finances allow.

Try to stay warm before you start


If you are cold before you even get into the ocean you are going to have even more trouble staying warm. Check out the surf before getting changed. Try to find a spot to get changed inside if possible, you don't want to expose yourself to that wind chill after taking off your clothes. If there is nothing around, use your car to block the wind or get into your wetsuit before leaving the house.

Eat Carbs, Proteins or Fats pre surf

Pasta, avocados, chicken, rice or fish are just some of the foods that take a little time for your body to break down and therefore increase your body temperature! If you want something less healthy, grab a burger on the way to the beach.

Stay Active

When you are in the water, stay as active as possible. Paddle your legs in circles while waiting for your break. Try keep your head out of the water to keep some warmth in your head.

Being active in the water will also burn energy - make sure you read the situation and your body. If you start to get tired and run out of energy your body will have a hard time keeping you warm naturally. It is better to cut your session short than running the risk of developing hypothermia.

Bring warm water

Having a warm water source at the beach can make a world of difference to helping you stay warm. Warming up your booties prior to putting them on can help give you a warm start before heading into the surf. A warm glass of water or warm shower at the end can feel like heaven on your skin.

Are you a winter warrior or are you looking for a gift to buy someone who is? Why not give them a warm water source to take to the beach... Rinsekit is a insulated bucket that can be filled with warm water or you can plug the heater attachment into your car cigarette lighter and boom hot water for before and after your winter surf!

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