Is it REALLY Waterproof?

Is it REALLY Waterproof?

As an electronics consumer we get lab numbers thrown at us constantly and we are expected to know what they mean. I for one, am one of those people who looks at the specs on a laptop and wonders what am I actually buying. I trust that the seller is selling me something that is worth what I am paying. So for the not tech savvy buyer here is an easy guide to waterproofing.

There are a large number of "waterproof" speakers on the market but are they actually waterproof. You may have seen two numbers following IP written next to waterproof electronics (IPXX). Your smart phones even have this waterproof code. If they don't have any numbers they most likely have never been tested - don't put these electronics near water!

So IP means International Protection Marking - in other words, a group developed to check electronics has given this device a number based on how waterproof and dust proof it is. The number is the important part. for example your smart phone depending on how old it is has one of these numbers. The Samsung S7 is an IP68. The Iphone7 has a lower rating at IP67.

The first number is the dust, sand and dirt proofing. So a 6 means it is dust, sand and dirt tight. This is the highest rating.

The second number is the waterproofing. The samsung7 has an 8, this means in the lab it was able to be under water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5metres and survived! The Iphone7 has a 7, this means it can be underwater for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1metre. (I wouldn't try this at home though - phones have metal parts which don't do to well exposed to chlorine and salt!! these tests are done in lab conditions). Another code you may see is IPX7 - this indicates that the product is splash resistant, but you can't put it under the water.

Now that you know what the numbers actually mean. Our Speaqua Barnacle waterproof rating is an IP68, our top competitors have lower ratings of IP67, I bet you can guess who this is. So when you attach your speaker to your surf board with the board mount or put it on your mountain bike in the pouring rain it can actually withstand the elements!



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