Being tough isn't easy!

Being tough isn't easy!

We completed the tough guy/girl challenge in the weekend. I can safely say we both wanted to quit at the 4km mark!! A word of advice for future; BUY spiked boots! Unless you want a bruised butt the next day 😣

Life gets so busy at times you forget to make time for the fun stuff! Even though I can't walk (or sit) today it was an awesome experience. I feel elated about what we have achieved this weekend & would do it again in a heart beat 👊

When do we get a chance in our adult lives to get muddy from head to toe, climb under electric fences, scales mountains (may be slightly exaggerated) however, it did feel like that!

Remember to challenge yourself! Next time someone asks you to do a tough run or go for a bike in the rain, say YES! Because it brings JOY 😁

Thanks to Event Promotions for organising the event & my fluro pink mug 👌
Also to Hellz Pizza for sorting dinner out that night!

What challenge did you complete this weekend? Would love to hear yours 😘

Stay awesome

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